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Jays Come back in 8th, 6 Game Win Streak!

Last night, the Tigers were up by 1 at the start of the 7th when I posted my first post of the season. In the top of that inning the jays scored 1 run to tie the game. The Jays rallied in the 8th to score three more runs (Bautista, Encarnacion and Hill). The Tigers got one more run in the bottom of the 9th but it wasn’t enough and the Jays one 4-2. The 6th win in a row.

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Potential Line-up

In the next few days I will list three potential line-ups for the Jays in 2011 (excluding pitchers). Below is the first.

LF: Fred Lewis
CF: Vernon Wells
RF:Jose Bautista
1B: Adam Lind
2B: Aaron Hill
3B: John MacDonald
SS: Yunel Escobar
C: J.P. Arencibia
DH: Any Ideas? 
Remember to keep looking for more line-ups.

Marcum Trade Crazy

In my opinion the Jays trading Marcum was one of the stupidest trades in the past decade of Jays history at least. Even if they do get Greinke, which it now looks like they won’t, you don’t trade a high end pitcher for a minor league prospect regardless of how good youthink he will get. Now, all that has to happen is, Lawrie gets a career ruining injury and you’ve lost a perfectly good pitcher for nothing. That’s just an example but something like that could happen. If the Jays don’t get Greinke or any other decent pitcher soon the Jays will enter 2011 spring training with a very weak pitching staff. 

All i can say is,
Good luck with the beer men Marcum.

San Fran Vs. Texas

I have came out of my sulking that the Jays blew another well started season to talk about the World Series. Starting Wednesday two teams who have never won the World Series in the city they are now in will battle for the ultimate baseball crown. San Francisco who has not one a world series since the big move from New York and Texas who had never even been in the ALCS.

Also, the manager rage is heating up. Who will it be?

Bautista hits 40!

On Monday Jose Bautista hit his 40th homer of the season and on Thursday he hit his 100th career home run. the jays one a series against the Yankees (big surprise!) and split the series with Detroit. They are now 12 games back going into 6 game road trip begging tonight in tampa (their flight leaves at 2:45).