New Season

Hello everybody,

It has been a long, long time since i have last posted and a lot has happened, sorry for the delay, but posts will get back to regular now.

After an interesting 12-10 start, including a four game sweep of Kansas and getting swept by Baltimore, the jays are facing Yu Darvish and the Rangers right now. The score is 4-1 in the top of 7 (updates to come).

One thing is clear for the Jays this year, if they want to do well, they have to be able to beat the weaker teams that they  have done well against in the past. Giving up easy games ay very well be the teams dowfall this year.

In other MLB news, 19 year old Bryce Harper has started his play for the Nationals. In his first game, he got a double and a sac fly. Washington is hoping the 1st overall draft pick in 2010 will pay off.

***FINAL: 4-1 Texas. W: Darvish (4-0) L: Drabek (2-2) SV: Nathan (6)***

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